The programs listed on this page did not make the cut or have dropped off our active list so we no longer market them. Click on the program name to read our review.

Bank of Tron Smart Contract

This is the first Smart Contract that we found using Tron. They allow the customer to choose the ROI (3.7 - 6.7% daily) they want based on the length of time they want their funds in the contract. This program has been paying out flawlessly.

Bank of Tron Smart Contract

At BitBox Social they provide the highest quality advertising products for the work from home industry. The BitBox community is made up of proven buyers who are eager to see your service. Position yourself in front of the most qualified traffic.


Bitcoin Black is a blockchain project looking to address one of the issues in Bitcoin: the concentration of the elite wealth and a flawed distribution model. Bitcoin Black aims to be the cryptocurrency of the people, by the people for the people.


BitLocity is a Customer Acquistion platform with a $25 yearly membership that provides the education and technology needed to capitalize the new crypto world by participating in a crowdfunding initiative.


Bitnamix is basically a duplicate of QTRex program that was released a couple months earlier. They use the now standard 2x2 matrix with 12 tables as their primary income "opportunity". It is nice it is based on btc but also has a $25 monthly.

CoinMarketBull crypto trading returns

CoinMarketBull is the best way to increase your crypto wealth with their Pro BOT purchase where every member has the opportunity to earn from approx. 1.2% to 1.8% profit daily. Refer to your friends, increase your passive income.


Coinpayex is an all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem centered around Coinpayex token as the main payment tool. They are working on a Coinpayex Crypto Exchange, Wallet, Bank and Online Payment System.


An older program that is still getting promoted today. Crypto Trading Club expert traders use pooled revenue to earn you Daily Profits - Everyone Earns BIG from the Crypto Market! You earn up to 150% per year on your deposits.

CryptoProgram (AMSYS) the best way to grow your crypto

CryptoProgram (AMSYS) has been using an arbitrage strategy along dozens of different niches in the online world for the past 20+ years. Their system can provide you a 25% return on your crypto every month plus they have a generous referral program.


CyberChain is a Tron based smart contract that started in Sept 2020. It uses a unique 3x2 matrix system that will allow you to make $1200 on your $200 matrix purchase. Payments are made immediately to your Tron wallet and can happen at any time.

D.AI.SY AI Project

D.AIS.Y AI is a crypto program using a TRON smart contract. They are combining a crowdfunding option and a trading option to provide massive potential being either passive or active and you’ll still earn, weather or not you sponsor anyone.

FastBNB is making waves at 3% daily

Started in November 2021, FastBNB Binance smart chain is one of the newest and hottest (audited) contract in the yield farming industry. This program offers: passive income opportunity, use of highly popular BNB coin, and a good referral program.


Forsage is an International next-gen crowdfunding platform. Their Ethereum based smart contract was launched in Feb 2020 and was one of the first highly successful smart contract projects. It has recently launched a Tron smart contract also.

Hyperfund is strongest World Crypto Alliance

YOU can NOW PROFIT from crypto without the volatility! Become part of the membership that rewards you daily by leveraging the expertise behind some of the BEST projects in the Blockchain Industry.


Kuailian is a crypto investment program using a ETH smart contract on the front end and a 10 tier payout on the back end. You select your investment amount and risk level and then receive a daily return % for that risk level.

LionShare Smart Contract

Lion’s Share is a peer to peer matrix platform. All payments go directly to the members! You will NEVER have a company mismanage your funds! They do not collect any of your personal information during the signup process (no KYC).

Lions Share Tron

Lion's Share TRON smart contract is exploding. Over 33,000 members in the first week. A powerful 2x2 matrix smart-contract base system where you get paid peer-to-peer directly into your TRON wallet. This one is as exciting as it is simple.


LoanTech is an exceptional lending based crowd funding service of remarkable quality with simple interface driven by intuitive & perpetual background interplay. Members from all around the world can contribute by lending via the LT platform.


LoneRobot bills itself as the first fully automatic cryptocurrency buying and selling robot 24 hours per day. LoneRobot will help you get passive income from 0.5% to 4% daily.


The metaZERO phone, powered by the metaOS™ with metaID™ and riding on a decentralized global private LTE network, is your portal to total communication security. Join FREE to secure your spot by entering your information today.


You might want to consider Jumping on The Success Bandwagon. That is the slogan for this new venture where they generate thousands of "Stable Coins" and give away $25 worth Free. Nothing To Buy! Convert Them To USD or Other Currencies, Soon.


MyCovidProfits goal is to use new investment for the new tomorrow with Easy Investments to create Maximum earnings. This is a force matrix with a straight line cycler that offers good passive and affiliate income.


myHourlyFX works on The Principle of Minimum Risk Maximum Return and We Share Our Profit From Our Trading Activities With Our Members. You Simply Make A Deposit Into The System. Then The System Pays You A Percentage Of Income Every 60 Minutes.


My Micro Profits is a fool proof system that combines multiple highly profitable "micro profit" business opportunities into one simple hourly income payout for you to take advantage of. It will pay you INSTANT income every 60 minutes.


Neun came out as one of the early smart contract options but did not seem to gain much traction. They offer a G3 and G6 groupings. The system requires a dedicated wallet such as MetaMask.

NovaTech has been paying consistently for 3 years

Started in 2019, NovaTech has been trading with ultra-low commissions and PIP spreads or sign up for a Fully Automated PAMM account. The PAMM account is a unique product that allows investors to earn without having to trade.


QTRex WAS billed as the Greatest 100% Decentralized Bitcoin Matrix & Unilevel Opportunity that ever existed on the planet. It's designed to create hundreds and even millions of dollars in BTC.

Rail Cycler

The system was created with a lot of enthusiasm by young entrepreneurs, with the desire to gather a large community of people in one place and make money altogether. This system is made to last and for everyone who enters the system to make money.

Smart Choice Crowdfunding via smart contract

SmartChoice is a brand new, first-ever, perpetual crowdfunding platform that can be your answer to escape financial stress and leave money worries behind you. A very promising smart contract and a Cutting Edge Global Marketing App.

Spartan Forex - Inversiones Beula

Spartan Forex has been providing international customers a Forex Trading platform since 2012. They also offer a "copy" trades service where their traders will make your trades for you. Inversiones Beula is adding an Affiliate program.


SpinInCash is a high hype, very frustrating program. They promise $$ when people click on your join link, and when you do tasks or posts. But the reality is their tasks are ridiculous and very time consuming.


The Shift is Real is the marketing arm for Essential Access Network. This is a traditional MLM structure program that is marketing access to a Telemedicine network. Commissions are paid when individuals pay from $59-$99 monthly for the service.

TranzactCard - A New way of Banking

TranzactCard is a member-based community that propels individuals and families forward in a financially significant way. As you use TranzactCard, our community grows and financial momentum (Finmo) builds for every member.

TTAMS is an exciting new market system for 2022

Who Else Wants a SUPER HUGE HEAD START On A “MASSIVE 500,000 Worldwide SUBSCRIBER Wave"? Yes, TTAMS is going live very soon. Get access to multiple income streams and marketing tools to promote them.

VerterVerse is an exciting new program launched in 2022

VerterVerse is a new company dedicated to help people LEARN, THE POWER OF GIVING. They are here to educate and empower people around the world with a way to payback all tuition to the students via a powerful 2x2 system.

YourNetProfits is a completely innovative joint venture platform where when you make a deposit into the system, you receive part ownership of our website media network which generate passive residual profits for you on an hourly basis!

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