2021-05-27 00:00:00

THIS Site went into Maintenance Mode around 6/20/21 and maybe closed now.

This is a database builder program using a free give away as the hook to capture name/email/phone information. The sales page is relatively humorous to read thru as they "imply" they are the owners of trillions in assests that will somehow back their stable coin. The page is a good read and should bring a smile to your face as you as we are sure it did to the ones who sat around the conference table dreaming up as much "air" support as they could for the page. Click Here for Sales Page

Their hook is that they will give you $25 worth of their "stable coin" which they hope to someday get listed on a real exchange where it would then be allowed to be traded for valued cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Once you provide your login details, the system does automatically credit your account with the $25. When others join you via your referral link, you get another $25 added to your account. You will also get $5 for each 2nd level referral in your organization.

We suggest you use a marketing email address (not your primary email but one you own). Also, the phone number appears to be only accessible to the company for their future advertising so it is your choice whether to put in a real number or just random numbers (should it be needed in the future, you can change your phone in your profile). Click the link to the right to get started and let's see how many stable coins everyone can accumulate.

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