2020-10-01 00:00:00

Bitnamix is basically a duplicate of QTRex program that was released a couple months earlier. They use the now standard 2x2 matrix with 12 tables as their primary income "opportunity". The tables start with .003 btc for the first one then doubles each time (.006, .012, .024, etc) up to 6 btc for the 12th table. They also added a front end uni-level that goes 6 levels deep for their monthly fee (how the prorgrammers get paid). The required $25 monthly is paid out over the 6 levels:
1st level - 3%
4th level- 13%
2nd level - 5%
5th level- 25%
3rd level- 7%
6th level - 42%

This provides for a 95% payout and 5% going to the programmers.


The positive is the program works with btc so you do not need any special browser based wallets.
There is a uni-level payout on the monthly fee.

The downside is there is nothing new or exciting in their implementation of the 2x2 smart contract matrix. If your team (you and your personals) are not sponsoring at least 3-5 new people each month, your matrix positions are likely going to be come stagnate but you will still be on the hook for the $25 monthly.

We like the look and quality of the QTRex site better and will keep that as our btc program of choice. We are going to pass on Bitnamix.

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