2022-10-07 00:00:00

Work on this project has been suspended as of May 2023.

Tools Team Automated Marketing System (TTAM$) is set up as a dual purpose system. Initially designed to provide marketing tools to the VerterVerse global program, it was enhanced to add additional (3 more as of 7 Oct) programs that you can join for Free and yet market from one system. Everyone knows the need for having multiple steams of income and that is what TTAM$ will help you create.

Besides being the central hub to these "Free to Join" multiple income streams, TTAM$ is a collection of marketing tools that is going to make it easier to explode your business. They released their first tool, a chatbot, on Oct 7th with more tools to be released soon.

TTAM$ is currently "Free to Join" but will have a networking aspect to it down the road. Getting in now will lock in your position and set you up for another potential income stream. We see some huge potential with this system and encourage everyone to get their Free TTAM$ account now.

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