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CyberChain is a Tron based smart contract that uses a unique 3x2 matrix system which gives you 12 spots in each matrix. You get paid (immediately) 50% of the matrix cost from everyone of those 12 spots as each person lands in your matrix. There are 12 different matrix levels for you to chose from. You select how many you want to join initially and then upgrade later as desired. Like all of these programs you can only get paid for matrix levels you have purchased so set yourself up the best you can upfront. For example, if you have purchased matrix levels L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5. Then you sponsor Tom who purchases L1,L2,L3,L4,L5,L6 and L7. You will only get paid on Tom's L1 thru L5 purchases; his L6 and L7 will go up line.

Launched in September 2020

CyberChain matrix levels

Tron (trx) is right now around 3 cents so 100 Tron will cost around $3.

L1 cost to join is 100 trx

L2 cost to join is 200 trx

L3 cost to join is 400 trx

L4 cost to join is 800 trx

L5 cost to join is 1600 trx

L6 cost to join is 3200 trx

L7 cost to join is 6400 trx

L8 cost to join is 19200 trx

L9 cost to join is 57600 trx

To get started with the program, you click the Join button on this page. For the smart contract to work, it needs a dedicated TRON wallet attached to your account. Most of these wallets (such as TronLink) are Chrome extensions so you will need to install it in the Chrome browser; fund your TRON wallet with TRON from your normal crypto wallet; then you can join CyberChain. You will be asked to confirm the referrer id (16384) and then will purchase your Level 1 matrix for 104 Tron (100 matrix + 4 admin fee). Once you have completed purchasing Level 1, you will have the option to purchase additional Levels.

Looks like a pretty straight forward program that allows everyone to get started with low cost initial levels ($3) to upper levels ($1800). Tron is becoming the smart contract of choice so this is a good time to get started in one today.

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