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Forsage is no longer allowing US Residents to access their services (verified in Oct 2022).

Forsage is marketed as an International next-gen crowdfunding platform. Being one of the first 100% Decentralized Ethereum based smart contract there was initial concern about their longevity but now seven months later they are still going strong. They are the first to double down on the newest smart contract trend with the opening of their own Tron smart contract late this summer.

There are 12 different slots for you to chose from. You select how many you want to join initially and then upgrade later as desired. Like all of these programs you can only get paid for slot levels you have purchased so set yourself up the best you can upfront. For example, if you have purchased slot levels L1, L2, and L3. Then you sponsor Ricardo who purchases L1,L2,L3,L4, and L5. You will only get paid on Ricardo's L1 thru L3 purchases; his L4 and L5 will go up line.

Launched in February 2020

Forsage slots review

To get started with the program, you click the Join button on this page. For the smart contract to work, it needs a dedicated TRON or MetaMask Ether wallet attached to your account. Most of these wallets (such as TronLink) are Chrome extensions so you will need to install it in the Chrome browser; fund your TRON wallet with TRON from your normal crypto wallet; then you can join Forsage.

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