BitBox Social

2020-07-26 00:00:00

At BitBox Social they provide the highest quality advertising products for the work from home industry. The BitBox community is made up of proven buyers who are eager to see your service. Position yourself in front of the most qualified and influential entrepreneurs on the planet. Gain exposure in front of targeted prospects and start being seen starting right now.

This is another spin on the click for cash sites that have been out there for over a decade. They are promoting it as "proven buyers" because you have to their to "buy" the $99 affiliate package before they can watch the 60 ads for the work bonus. In the end, everyone is trying to view the 60 ads within the given time period strictly to meet the monetary reward and most never even pay attention to what the ads say.

Their comp plan is uni level 20% payout so $10 on $50 sale; But only receive $9 and other $1 is put in internal credit to be used only for repurchasing more ads (ie. can only withdraw 18% of each sale). All work bonuses must be completed within 24 hrs of purchase so makes little sense upfront to buy more than 1 or 2 Display ads at a time (each ad purchase provides one work bonus).

At this point we have not joined the program.

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