2020-08-11 00:00:00

SpinInCash is a high hype, very frustrating program. They promise $$ when people click on your join link, and when you do tasks or posts. But the reality is their tasks are ridiculous and very time consuming.

In order to get paid you have to complete for 4 "requirements": 20 Clicks on your join link; 6 actual personal referrals; 6 Tasks; 10 Posts. The first 2 requirements are fairly easy to meet but the Tasks involve either signing up for 100s survey sites (giving away your personal information each time) or down loading 100s of crap software apps. The Posts must be made on FB, Instagram, etc with specific information promoting SpinInCash which for those into doing posts it may be reasonable.

The effort to get "qualified" to be paid from this program is extreme for anyone who does not like surveys. Even so, the "funds" seem to grow fast enough that it would be worth the effort. There are pop-ups constantly saying someone new just got paid BUT no one in our upline has actually seen any payments. For that reason we moved this program to the "questionable" status.

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