2021-03-19 00:00:00

This project is now offline.

YOU can NOW PROFIT from crypto without the volatility! Become part of the membership that rewards you daily by leveraging the expertise behind some of the BEST projects in the Blockchain Industry.

This program has been developed by some of the top individuals in the blockchain space came together to create an Alliance between BlockChain Global, Colin Star and Hcash to develop a complete eco-system based on the block chain.

The base program allows you to deposit a set minimum amount of funds (300, 500, or 1000) via USDT. This is converted into their internal token. You will receive .5% per day on the funds that you deposit until your funds at least double. Very simple, very safe passive income that pays exponentially more than any interest in a savings account at a bank.

To accelerate your earnings you can share the program with others and receive a percentage on their earnings. Nothing really new on this concept but with a program that is working and so simple, the act of sharing with others is natural. They provide a graduated scale so those who are sharing more can earn more which is catching the attention of some top networkers.

We see some really great potential with this program and encourage you to enter your email and click the Get Started button to get more information on this exciting program.

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