2022-08-08 00:00:00

This project seems to have stalled in May 2023.

VerterVerse global platform was primarily created for Empowerment, Development and Self-Improvement. It was created on the basis, at the simplest level, for touching lives, but not just touching lives, for the one true sense of Transforming lives.

Their goal is to ILLUMINATE in every way possible, in every dark corner, in every underprivileged community, state, region, or country that would not have access to this global academy, but NOW they do.

To help expand their reach they implemented a very lucrative 2x2 program with a fixed follow-me sponsorship process and a matching bonus system. This has the possibility to be one of the better programs released this year. New Affiliate can earn without ever making a payment but will earn more faster making the small initial payment. We recommend you check it out today.

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