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CoinMarketBull mission is to spread the benefits of cryptocurrency trading as widely as possible. They believe everyone can take advantage of their in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies to help investors get the most out of it.

You don’t need any knowledge of how to trade cryptocurrencies before you can start investing, because with our company, your money works for you.

Their bot is trading on Binance Futures, because it has become one of the most liquid derivatives exchanges in the market.

The vast number of Binance users has helped push trading volumes in the platform into the trillions of dollars.

As a matter of fact, Binance was responsible for $7.7 trillion in crypto exchange volume in 2021.

Participants have the opportunity to earn approximately from 1.2% to 1.8% profit daily. You can deposit a minimum of $50 or any other amount that suits you and you will automatically start receiving daily profit on that amount. Recommend CoinMarketBull to your friends, increase your passive income and earn together with 10% direct referral commission (1st level of generational profit).

There is a $50 annual fee that must be paid with your first deposit. Also, you need to remember to cover the transaction fees when making the deposit which means we recommend a minimum initial deposit of $110. In CMB, you can withdraw your earnings on a daily basis but your initial deposit is locked up with the company for 8 months.

They have done over 2 years testing on their bot and have put together a good looking back office. As with all of these trading programs there is a risk to working with them. We see it as a program worth taking a look at but recommend being cautious on how much you risk with them.

Final note: Their Terms and Conditions are written to not be favorable to US or Canadian residents even though their sign-up page does allow sign-ups from each location.

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