2020-12-07 00:00:00

D.AIS.Y AI is being brought to you by a brilliant technology company called Endotech. Their trading results have been between 300% – 1500% and is expected to be 4 TIMES that amount using their A.I technology brand. Just imagine what even $1000 could turn into for you! Affordable for everyone because you can begin with just $100 and scale up with profits ... or go in as heavy as you can and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

The program was scheduled to launch December 15 2020 but that date has been pushed back to sometime in January 2021. In the mean time, it has been generating a considerable amount of pre-launch hype. It will be using a TRON smart contract and will split funds into a Crowdfunding account and a Trading account. Basically they are doing a 3x10 matrix payout structure to fund building a AI bot for their trading program. You will need to watch the pre-launch video to see all the various aspects of this program (it was not made to be simple) but in a nut shell you can be passive or active and you’ll still earn, weather or not you sponsor anyone. In fact, a HUGE bonus for passive people is that you’ll still earn spillover as a passive member from the 1st two levels!

There is enough buzz on this program that it will get initial traction. Being fully transparent we see the key to this program being the 5% or 10% matching bonus on the activity of your personally sponsored individuals. Major leaders are trying to hook up individuals into their front lines (some will sponsor 200-500 personally). It is too early to tell if the back end trading profits and stock options will be anything more than marketing pitches in 2021.

Click the button and get on our mailing list if you want to be one of the first ones in the program. Remember you will need to get a TRON wallet setup and funded before the January 2021 launch to be a first action mover in this program.

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