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Decentralized crypto services are one of the fastest growing segments in the crypto space. The Decentralized Hedge Fund (DHF) is gaining traction as a strong player. They estimate you can earn an average of 10% a month (based on past performance) and DHFT referral rewards by investing in a Decentralized Hedge Fund autonomously ran by artificial intelligence, entirely for financial management.

Opened in 2020, their new Wallet opportunity that holds your crypto and pays you interest each month. Past performance does not guarantee the same in the future but their total interest rate of 164.7% or 13.72% monthly was pretty good. You control your Wallet at all times and can withdraw your funds at anytime you want or leave it alone as it will compound every month!

To begin using DHF, you will first register with your email. Then you will need to deposit the funds you want to earn interest on. We recommend you fund a minimum of $120 which will pay the one time $20 activation fee and leave a $100 balance for you to begin earning interest on it. You can deposit more funds at any time.

Once your account is active you can then begin sharing DHF with others to take advantage of their simple affiliate plan where you earn $20 DHFT for each referral. This passive income program is fairly simple and straight forward for anyone who plans to be in crypto for long term and wants a place to earn on their crypto while they are holding it.

Specific Details
1. They take 10% of the earnings each month so if you made $10 they take $1 and you get $9. Next month you get interest on $109.

2. When you withdraw there is a 1% fee.

3. There is no ongoing Affiliate fee. The only cost is on your initial investment $20 is taken out for your activation fee. That is it. Nothing more. They are not built on recruiting so the earnings are real and not being paid from new recruits money coming in!

As with all programs, the concern is whether the program will last long term. We like that DHF believes in long-term solutions that generate enough value in a decentralized process.

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