Ether Chain

2020-07-28 00:00:00

This is a smart contract based on Ethereum. It is called THE WORLDS FIRST DECENTRALIZED, COMMUNITY SUPPORT FUND. The basis of the program is that you can deposit ETH and receive back 310%. The payback can be done completely passive as the system will pay you back 1% per day for 310 days. There is also an Affiliate option where you can earn a percentage based on what you personal team deposits. These earnings count towards your 310% thereby reducing the amount of time to meet the requirement.

The core of this program (and all smart contracts) is the statement that once the contract is published it can never be changed (and can always be monitored on the blockchain). This should prevent the rampant quick steal programs that run wild in the crypto space. Smart contracts are the future of the world financial systems so you are in the right place to learn/experience one.

For the smart contract to work, it needs a dedicated Ethereum wallet attached to your account so most people are using MetaMask for their wallet. You will attach MetaMask to your FireFox or Chrome browser; fund your MetaMask wallet with ETH from your normal crypto wallet; then you can join Ether Chain.

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