Everyone is looking for an opportunity to increase their wealth online but 100s of different programs out there which ones are worth while and which ones will just take your money and time?

We have put together this site as a collection of the programs that have been sent to us. The reviews given on each of them is from our perspective and for your "educational" benefit only. We are not responsible for any of your losses should you choose to participate in one or more of the programs. You will need to make your own judgment as to if a program is right for you. Our only suggestion is with all HYIP to only spend what you can afford to lose.


Bitcoin Black is a blockchain project looking to address one of the issues in Bitcoin: the concentration of the elite wealth and a flawed distribution model. Bitcoin Black aims to be the cryptocurrency of the people, by the people for the people.

Smart Choice Crowdfunding via smart contract

SmartChoice is a brand new, first-ever, perpetual crowdfunding platform that can be your answer to escape financial stress and leave money worries behind you. A very promising smart contract and a Cutting Edge Global Marketing App.

Lions Share Tron

Lion's Share TRON smart contract is exploding. Over 33,000 members in the first week. A powerful 2x2 matrix smart-contract base system where you get paid peer-to-peer directly into your TRON wallet. This one is as exciting as it is simple.


QTRex is billed as the Greatest 100% Decentralized Bitcoin Matrix & Unilevel Opportunity that ever existed on the planet. It's designed to create hundreds and even millions of dollars in BTC.


The Shift is Real is the marketing arm for Essential Access Network. This is a traditional MLM structure program that is marketing access to a Telemedicine network. Commissions are paid when individuals pay from $59-$99 monthly for the service.


Coinpayex is an all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem centered around Coinpayex token as the main payment tool. They are working on a Coinpayex Crypto Exchange, Wallet, Bank and Online Payment System.

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