2020-08-20 00:00:00

QTRex is billed as the Greatest 100% Decentralized Bitcoin Matrix & Unilevel Opportunity that ever existed on the planet. It's designed to create hundreds and even millions of dollars in BTC.

Launched in August 2020

QTRex is brand new which is both a positive and a negative. With no history behind it we do not know if it is really going to last but being in at the beginning offers mega opportunity if you are planning on being an active affiliate. The key to this program is they are taking the smart contract concept that has been used in many ETH based programs and bringing it to the BTC community. Using the blockchain technology and a split payment process, the company never touches your commissions so you do not have to worry about the issue of not getting paid (a rampant problem with most programs this year). There is 100% transparency allows everyone to see/verify the process is working correctly.

To get started with the program, you click the Join button on this page. Enter your username, password, and email information. Once you sign-up, you will first need to make your monthly maintenance fee. Next you will need to enter in your BTC address that you want to receive your commissions. Payments are made instantly so your affiliate link is not shown until you enter the btc address. Also, once it is entered, it can not be changed so make sure of which wallet you want to use. Then you can select the program package(s) you want to join. You have to buy lower packages to get up to the higher packages 50, 75, 125, 250, 500.

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