2020-10-20 00:00:00

Kuailian is a hybrid program using a ETH smart contract on the front end with a 10 tier payout on the back end. They offer investment options for those looking to gain ETH on a daily basis. They have different program/risk levels that have different corresponding rates of return of 1 to 8% per day (based on historical records).

It appears the program started in early 2019 but did not gain much traction until recently. The system is set up on an ETH smart contract to accept the initial investment payment. It immediately sends 20% to their Fast Start system. The other 80% is sent to their investment pool. They use the funds in the investment pool to purchase (or invest in) master nodes on various block chains. Profits from these investments are then distributed out daily. Investors decide what amount to invest and the principle then earns a % each day for 1000 days. In the past Kuailian has been able to provide a 3% daily return where you would have had your funds back in 35 days and then be in profit after that. It cost $51 for the admin setup fee to open an account. And depending on where you live and the amount you decide to invest, you will need to provide full KYC information to include sending in a government ID.

Overall their history with a small participation group seems to be good for their first year plus. We have seen a number of other programs like these in the past year that started out good but once they started getting a big influx of new users the programs defaulted. Our risk assessment puts it at a medium to high risk program currently and as such we are not actively participating in it at this time.

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