2020-10-07 00:00:00

The Shift is Real is the marketing arm for Essential Access Network. This is a traditional MLM structure program that is marketing access to a Telemedicine network. Individuals pay from $59-$99 every four weeks (they do not like to use the negatively perceived word "monthly") for access to contact a medical professional via their phone rather than going to the doctors office or minute clinic. Given the huge change in procedures since Covid-19 hit much of this service is likely already being offered by individuals currently health care provider (if they have one).

Their basic compensation plan is based on the get 3 and yours is free concept. Sign up as an Virtual Business Owner (VBO) for $50 annual plus $19 every four weeks. Then go out and try to find at least 3 others willing to do the same thing you did. They have additional compensation bonuses based on team volume and what rank you achieve.

If you are medically uninsured or under insured and like the idea of Tele-medicine then this might be away for you to get access to the provider network for free if you can find others to join under you. The compensation plan is ok and if you are willing to put in the work you should be able to develop a monthly income. That said it will take some time to fully understand the plan and even more time to figure out how to explain it to your prospects.

If this is something your interested in we invite you to take a further look into it.

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